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Welcome to Strong Body Fitness

I believe that everyone can be Strong, Fit, and Fabulous and I want to be the one to help you reach your potential. Everyone is different and this is YOUR journey but I will cheer you on at every stage. I am here to encourage, support and create a strong community.


About Me

Hey...I'm Stacey, I created Strong Body Fitness to help beginners feel confident lifting weights and to get strong in body and in mind. I am a great believer that everyone is strong in their own right, you just need to believe in yourself!! 

Spending many years working on my own body and mind, I know the struggles to begin and how hard it is to stay consistent. I will support and encourage you to begin. I will educate you on the basics whilst getting to know how fitness and nutrition can fit into yours and your families lives.

What can I offer you?


In Person Coaching

1-2-1 personal coaching in a private gym in my home. Transform your life through strength training and functional fitness.

£45 Per Hour

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